Improve the Value of Your Property with a

Home Extension

If you feel as though your home is short of space, or you would like to look at ways of adding value to your property, having an extension is a great way for you to do this. With so many reasons why you may want to have an extension built onto your property, we’re here to help and advise you through the process. 

Home Extension Specialists

Adding An Extension Increases The Value Of Your Property

Looking ahead, you may have already decided that you want to sell your property and move up the property ladder in the not too distant future. By adding an extension to your property, you may well be able to increase its value. 

By having additional rooms built onto your home, you will be adding value for prospective buyers. Think about the types of rooms that people will want from your property that are not already there. An additional bedroom, an en suite bathroom, an office space, or a second living room may well be something that many people will be looking for in your home. 

Increasing the square footage is a definite selling point that will be attractive to homebuyers looking at your property, and a home extension provides the opportunity to do this. 

Adding An Extension Will Provide You With Extra Living Space

Whether you are looking at extending your family by having children soon, or want to create additional space to allow guests to stay in your home, a house extension can solve all of your problems.

Often, when we first buy our homes, we are limited by our budget. We take properties that may not be as big as we need them to be, or our needs change over time. You may have children that are growing up, and they may need more space. 

You may need a place in your home where you can work, an extension offers the possibility to realise these needs. 

Adding An Extension Will Make Your Property Look Unique

Over the years, tastes, needs and property trends change. Having an extension on your property will allow you the opportunity to really put your stamp on your own place. An extension is a real impacting statement that allows your property to stand out. 

You will want your extension to match your property in a seamless manner. When it comes to designing and building your extension, you can rely on M.J. Farrell & Sons Ltd to ensure everything fits perfectly with each other. 

With over 30 years of experience building extensions, you can rely on us to ensure your specific extension dreams are met along while matching the look of your home. 

Getting the extension that you want is important, that is why we will work closely with you as well as with our trusted architects to provide an extension that works for you and meets your every need. We will help navigate the planning permission process and help you through a period that may be stressful or overwhelming for you. 

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