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Increasing Your Living Space

We all want to feel comfortable in our own homes, but very often it seems as though we don’t have enough space to enjoy our own homes. Whether your you have had new additions to your family, or you and your family just need to spread out a little bit more, then you will benefit from an extension on your property. 

You may want to increase the size of your home as you are taking in an elderly relative or wanting to open up your home to lodgers. The extension will allow you to do this without having to feel as though you are going to trip over each other or are living in each other’s pockets. 

Extending your property will give you that breathing space in your own home, allowing you to feel more comfortable and more relaxed. An extension could offer the ability to add additional spaces such as a dedicated office to allow you to work or study at home, you may want to add an en suite bathroom to your master bedroom, or you may need an extra bedroom so you have enough room for your growing children to spread out. 

Having An Extension Makes A Statement

If you want your home to stand out, having an extension is an excellent way of doing this. If you want to make your home into a statement that stands out in your neighbourhood, then you may want to look at ways of increasing the size of your home. 

An extension can take a modest property and turn it into something more impacting. If you want to create a more visually striking property, then this could be done by having an extension to your property. 

Adding Value To Your Home

When it comes to selling up, you may have concerns about the amount of equity that you will have in your property. You may be hoping to increase the overall value of your property before you sell it, or you may be looking far into the future. 

Creating a room that will be of great use, such as an additional bathroom, a bedroom, or an office will ensure that you increase the value with maximum effect. Future potential buyers will be looking for a property that meets all of their needs, the more boxes you are able to tick for them, the better. 

Not only does having an extension built onto your property provide rooms that will be of great use, but it will also increase the overall square footage of your home which can again prove to be an attractive selling point when selling your property. 

When it comes to the value added to the property through having an extension built, this is often far greater than the outlay needed to have the extension in the first place. As a result, your profits could be considerable. 

A Design That Will Match The Look Of Your Home

The look for your home is important and matching the current aesthetic to create a seemless transition from the main body of your home to your extension is essential. At MJ Ferrell, we will work hard to ensure that the overall look is matched throughout, making your extension feel as though it really does belong as a part of your property. 

When you are looking into getting a home extension, you will need to know that you are putting the work in hands that you can trust. With 30 years worth of experience at building extensions, MJ Farrell is a building services company that you really can rely on. We’ve built our reputation on building bespoke extensions and always aim to provide an excellent service to all of our customers.  

While house extensions are a major area of specialism for us at MJ Farrell, we offer a range of other building services. These Include new house building, loft conversions, and garage conversions. Again, with loft conversions and garage conversions, it is possible to add some real value to your property, while increasing the space that is open to you. 

Get in touch today to discuss what you are looking for in your extension. We are more than happy to talk you through many of the options and provide you with our expert opinions so that we can create the extension that you need.

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